I believe I can fly

Yep that is the tag line for this adventurous trip. It was early last month (sorry to keep this one for a while), that I have decided to join this trip. Well, i wanted to do it from last year, but i don’t have the courage to do so. It’s Paragliding trip. This was just a one day trip to go to one of the hill out of town. It’s all because one of my friend, who now live in Central Java, wants to try it. So i thought, okay, if she wants to do it, i better do it as well. I asked my church friend who is one of an adventurous family i’ve known (yes, the hubby, wife and their son came along for this trip), then i asked my cousin who brought 3 of his friends with him. I have never done this before and i was not sure if i want to do it.

With guts I just go along.

That Saturday, we woke up early. I think i didn’t really sleep because i was so nervous. We have to gather with the group at 5.30-6 AM and then start the journey. After we arrived, our leader brief us about the condition, especially the wind condition. At that time, we couldn’t fly soon enough because we need the right direction of where the wind blows. You don’t want to fly backwards right? He also explained where we’re gonna take off from.

Taking off from here
Taking off from here

Beneath us is a tea plantation. The weather is a bit cool when we arrived, but the later it was, the sunny it became. We have to wait around 6 hours until the wind is on the right direction and taking off one by one with our pilot.

I'm the first one!
I’m the first one!

I was lucky that i am one of the first to fly. Lucky yet scared. I was thinking why the leader mention my name first. all my friends and cousin and cousin’s friends need to wait longer than i was, and i’m kinda feel bad about it. To be honest, i don’t really know how i feel. It’s like, excited, scared and want to get over it, and i don’t know what to expect. But, at that point, there’s no turning back. I need to jump and get over with it.

I'm flying
I’m flying

Surprisingly, it’s saver than i thought or rather my pilot is a good one. I have to wait until my feet didn’t touch the ground, so i can sit on the back pack look a like ‘couch’ and there i was.. flying and taking aerial pictures. I probably nervous because i keep talking and asking the pilot questions.

My parachute
My parachute
the length from the take off ground to the landing field is 220 m
the length from the take off ground to the landing field is 220 m
Take off field
Take off field
Landing field
Landing field

I flew about 5 minutes on the air. Thank God that it ended fast enough because i started to feel dizzy just before we landed. Oh, the landing position was so nice also. I thought i need to help the pilot stop, but he did all the job. I just sit down and knew that i landed safe and sound.

I am not a risk taker kinda person. I remember that i always afraid to do things. Knowing that life is so short, I guess I want to try everything that i could and according to my guts (no bungy jumping for me though).

Wandering mind

taken from http://nodavictoria.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/wanderingmind.gif
taken from http://nodavictoria.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/wanderingmind.gif

For 15 days i’ve been down (yes, I need 15 days apparently to recover), as you know because of my Handmade Heirloom accessories line doesn’t really attract the target audience, I just can’t sleep last nite. My mind was filled with questions. What can i do? What did i do wrong? I style it, I really put effort in it. Why? It’s easy to just quit after no one buy the first 3 collections. But I think I can’t do that. If I believe that I would have some mark somewhere in the ‘accessories world’, i can’t quit now. I need to dig in deeper and just create, create and create. So, i learn how to draw (i think i mention this like a couple of times already. hopefully you wont mind. here is the ‘I don’t know what to do’ moment). I can draw, but not really as nice as those who really love to draw illustration. But I think i’ll try my best and do it as I want to. My plan is, I’ll do sketches some more and on Saturday shop all the material that I will need. And then, try to launch some more of the collection. There’s no turning back at this point. Some days, i regret why i open this store but yes, the gut says it all. I’ll learn from an expert this month (just waiting for her to come back from South Africa) and we’ll see from there.

Having your own business, it’s your own responsible. Everyone will support you, but when you’re down, you’re the only one who can pick yourself up. No matter how many people cheer you up and believe in you, but when you’re hopeless and can’t pick yourself up, i think it means the end.

With a lot of competition, it’s hard when a lot of people do nice things through instagram. Sometimes, i don’t want to see them, but i followed them (doh), so it’s hard not to notice what they do. It’s a good inspiration but at the same time it’s a pressure of its own. How come they have the time to style everything and where did they get all that fancy stuff to style the thing they want to do? It’s really.. out of my mind. It’s crazy. I have 2 other jobs, obviously, i’ll try my best, but it’s just.. hard… Another thing, I’m not a fashionable/stylish person. I don’t really fancy those branded stuff. But the more older I get, I really want to dress nicer (or probably it’s a heartbroken effect, when you just want to look good and hoping that the guy who letting you go will be sorry. or not). Or probably it’s the effect of watching to much Project Runaway. Either way, yes, I want to look good and chic but not all over the top. I’m kinda changing my wardrobe right now, little by little. I don’t want to go broke just because of fashion. Anw, I think i’m starting to define my style now (defining your style early 30s is not too late right? :p). But when you look on instagram, feels like everyone has their own personal photographer. how can they do that? It’s really driving me insane. I have to do everything by myself and I don’t know what to do. Or maybe I don’t have an eventful life everyday.. like the rest of them..

I thank God that my friends always supported me, although i think their ears are red from the venting/ranting that i need to let out and their feedback is the one that i always hold. That i need to be patient and keep going. Although sometimes i feel that, there’s nothing that i can anymore. I just hope i can sell something in the end, i’m not confident to put myself in the market yet, i’ll try through online first, then see it from there. I think when i get my first sell, i will jump up and down and will be very very very happy. God help me..

Wondering and Waiting

Last week I was so upset with the Water department but maybe it’s good also because i can rest. I haven’t been cleaning the house for 2 weeks. So you can imagine how dirty it is. On Friday night, right after i had a shower, the water stopped flowing. Good thing is, i had asked my maid before she went home to put the water on the drinking gallon that we didn’t use anymore, just in case stuff like this happen again. So on saturday morning, I had shower with that water. The water didn’t come out through again from the pipe until Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, before church, i ran to my aunt’s house just for a shower. Yesterday night, i was still filling up the gallon just in case the water stop again. There are 6 gallon and 1 big bucket already fill with clean water. I still have like 6 more gallon at home, i tempted to fill them all. These days, every time i walk pas the water tub, i always stop and listen if the water run through. It really makes my heart skip a bit when i didn’t hear any water run. it’s either the water tub is full or the water just didn’t come out.

The other thing is, there’s a pipe leak somewhere inside the wall. so I have to mop this water which come from nowhere every morning. this morning is not that much, but it keep leaking. At this moment, sometimes i really ask God why He didn’t give me a maid. Why there’s no one that said, ‘ hey, my maid’s friend is looking for a job, etc, etc’.

Another thing is, i have a project for my freelance that is kinda hard. i really dislike tasks with measurement. It’s just frighten me that i will get the measurement wrong but i really prayed today that I really can finish it these days. it means that, i’m holding up my Handmade Heirloom.

I divided my days for my freelance and Handmade Heirloom. So today should be my Handmade Heirloom day, where i should work on everything that is Handmade Heirloom. But this morning i’m doing my freelance work. It almost done, thank God but need to tweak here and there.

Sells are hard. I really don’t know what people want. sometimes i just really want to give up, but i have the urge that i think i’m testing myself or either God is testing me to be persevere. My mom used to say that i’m not that kind of person and my sister is more persevere. But somehow, i really want Handmade Heirloom just to keep going. I don’t mind small, i’m not asking a big sells, but at least, give me excitement of that a bit. So i can know and learn how it feels. Thank God also that one of my church member’s daughter in law who is in the business is willing to teach me about it. Skill and will give me the tip and tricks of how to sell it. But i have to wait until next month, after she came back from South Africa, teaching women there how to make a wire jewelry. I know it takes time and sometimes people misunderstood me (which i hate) that i want an instant success. Somehow i have a feeling that i can survive between the competition. And this days, i really want to learn how to draw. Yes, i’m graphic designer, but i can’t draw. The other day, i spent like a whole day to draw. I like the sketches of my necklace, but i didn’t like the person that i drew. So i throw it to the bin :((. The second attempt that i had, the girl look like a boy :(((… Help me God.


Day 4 of Handmade Heirloom

Day 4:

I am trying my best to re post the bracelets design. Consistency is really the key and I’m really scared that I can’t do it. Learning by doing is what i’m learning now. And boy, social media is really taking up some time. No wonder now there are a specialist to do that these days. I have to keep up with my blog in tumblr, my instagram and facebook page. After 4 days, i really need to have more variety of shots. Apparently, 3-4 different shots of the same product doesn’t really cut it. I really need to scratch my head here.

Tumblr is one other day to market this accessories line. last night, i was looking at my tumblr and surprise surprise, there’s this search engine especially for fashion who following me on Tumblr. That is quiet surprising and exciting. I’ve been following them for reference and now they are following me. It really motivates me. Surely i need to learn to be patient long enough (it is not my virtue).

For the last 2 days, i’ve been searching themes for my tumblr. Do you know it is really time consuming? Sometimes when you’re setting up a theme for your personal blog, you just one something that looks nice. For my Handmade Heirloom, i want this and that, but i don’t really want to pay for a theme hehe.. So, yes, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Looking through google and the tumblr themes, i don’t know how many times i have had my themes changed. Yet there are certain things that this theme don’t have, but that theme has. but that theme don’t have this, and this theme has it. But it’s fun to see all the themes that people made.

Today, one of my friend asked me about the bracelet that i’ve made through instagram. It’s kinda exciting. I don’t know if he serious about it (maybe he’s buying it for his wife?), or just helping me to get his friends’ attention so they will take a look at HH instagram. I hope, it’s not out of pity that he say that. I don’t want my friends to buy the accessories out of pity. I want them really likes the design and all.

Nevertheless, it’s a journey that i choose and i’ll try to do best in it. Now, let’s change that tumblr theme.


I hope it rain today

I know i haven’t been writing lately, but I got an announcement to make.

On Sept 15th, 2014, I open my online shop, Handmade Heirloom!! Yay!! Personally, this is a bold step that i made and i’m glad i did (thank you for those you believe in me when i don’t believe myself). It is like ‘walking in the dark’. I just don’t know what i can make out of it. I listen and read every marketing, entrepreneurship or how to do start up articles and nothing, i mean nothing beat the experience when you really start your own business. If you ask me if i know anything about business, nope, nothing, zero. I don’t know a thing. I know how to work and run my freelance business, but it just come as natural because that is my background. For my new business, an accessories line call Handmade Heirloom, I just know how to make things, not the operational business of it. I thank God for my dad who is supportive enough (imagine your dad went in to an accessories store and start seeing the design and the prices! Yes, that’s my dad!) and teach me a long the way, although sometimes i really don’t understand what he’s talking about. Thank God that my friend, who always willing to be a helping hand and always offering help and always believe in me although i always have my self doubt, Thank God for my sister and brother in law, although they are far but i know they support me in what i do, Thank God for someone who always say that everything is gonna be alright or i’m gonna be okay (yes, he didn’t disappeared apparently nor i let him go). Thank God for the support of my friends, Thank God for my cousin who also teach me about business and supporting me. And this, ladies and gentleman is not an Oscar speech. From the bottom of my heart i just want to say thank you.

Because yes, I’m doubting myself at this moment. Day 3 and I’m just trying to be positive about this journey.  I don’t know why I just want to cry today. I hope it’s raining later tonight (it’s a hot sunny day now). I said to my friend when i prepared for Handmade Heirloom that I’ll be okay if it’s not work out. At least i try. But then, after i launch it, i really want this to work out well. Then the more i see that so many people doing the things like what i’m doing and they are all good. Make me question myself, am i good enough? Will people buy this? Will they like this?

Yesterday I was blasting my friends with broadcast message, saying that Handmade Heirloom is open. One of my friend, (i think she’s joking) asked if she do something that I asked, can she get a discount, a cousin asking for a free sample of my bracelet. I was like, come on man, i just launch this, can you just help me spreading the words? It make me sad somehow.

Day 3 and no one even ask about the product and people who like the images in instagram are either people who live outside Indonesia or an accessories maker too. What did i put myself into? It looks easy for those who already started and sell a bunch of accessories and earn their success. Persistence is the key here..



Have you ever lost a friend? I did. Once. It felt like I didn’t know who the person was exactly. I thought that if i knew what has happened, i can prevent that. But I can never ever forget what the situation cost and how it effect me. To forgive and forget, it’s hard thing to do. I forgive, but i would never forget.

Have you ever lost a friend? I think this time, i’m letting someone slipping away. Someone who is ‘my number 1 fan’ (beside my late mom), always supportive. Someone who always cheer me up and said that everything is gonna be fine, that i’m gonna be fine. Someone who treat me right, who is gentle and sweet. Someone who sometimes who gives me mix emotion and ‘i don’t know what to do’ moment. Someone who is making me wanting to have a super power so i can read minds. Someone who is very patience and hardworking. Who i always have doubts in, but at the same time trusts. Someone who i think i know that whenever i show my bad side, will always like me for me (or maybe trying to run away).

But, i’m letting that someone to fly away. I know, this feeling will be very real when i’m in the same country. It hurts, but maybe.. it’s time to close the book. The hardest part is to forget the memories and to focus on the right things. God be with me.


taken from http://besttireratings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Rush.jpg
taken from http://besttireratings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Rush.jpg

Since I was young, my dad loves watching the Formula 1 racing and the motorcycle grand prix. I watched them with him and although i don’t understand the rules, the score or who were the drivers; it’s the speed, the crash, the overtake that made us both scream and glued to the TV. My mom joined us sometimes but like me, she didn’t quiet understand. I think sometimes, she just watched us watching the race. I guess that’s the history why i kinda like speed and cars. These days, my dad only watch the motorcycle grand prix. The local TV doesn’t really show the Formula 1 racing anymore or probably I just miss it. Or he just missed it. After we have our cable TV, we have the formula 1 again. I don’t really watched it again with him but i still kinda know the drivers by name now. I found it quiet boring but would love to take my dad to the night Formula 1 racing in Singapore some time.

Anyway, when the movie ‘Rush’ was out last year, i was excited. It’s Formula 1! It’s like ‘learning’ the history of this race. Well, not quiet but at least i will know some of the early drivers (from the year i wasn’t even born!) The movie was in biographical sport drama genre. It is about the early drivers and rivals; James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

James Hunt and Niki Lauda both starting as a Formula 3 drivers. They were already rivals on this early stage before entering the Formula 1. Both were born from a wealthy family. James Hunt’s father was a successful stockbroker and Niki Lauda’s grandfather was a successful businessman in Vienna. But both, despite the wealth and the prestige family background chose to follow their passion and dreams; to become a racer, Formula 1 racer.

James Hunt, is a very charming guy. I supposed a racer will have that, plus a typical ‘bad boy’ image. He met a pretty girl and slept with her, a playboy that’s him. Smoke, drinks, drugs, and girls are inseparable from him. He was fast in the circuit and an aggressive driver one said. He got the ambition to be a world champion. With his image, every girls wants to be with him, in fact everyone wants to be his friends. Cool guys always has a lot of friends right? Then he met Suzy, an actress. He thought maybe the idea of marriage and settling down can change him. He got married and had a lavish wedding. When he didn’t have a car to race and sponsorship, he went back to drinks and smoke. Suzy then left him for Richard Burton, a fellow actor. Hunt didn’t really try to keep his marriage although he did went to New York to get her back. But he’s not really eager about it. He was back to his old habits, smoke, drinks and girls. Then McLaren needs a new driver. Everyone has their doubts on him but put him in one of the car. He got the drive but he didn’t know his own car. When the car has problem, he just stood there, watching the mechanics work and solve the problem. The only thing on his mind was, how to beat Niki Lauda.

Niki Lauda, is the opposite character from James Hunt, well except he swears a lot. A very serious, workaholic, think ahead guy. When someone give him advice, he took it and weigh in. He ‘bought’ his way in to be in the Formula 1. He know his cars; what to do when the car was too heavy, which material do they need to use to make it lighter, etc. He knows his way around them. He proved it to the Ferrari that their cars were bad when he test drive it. After that he became Ferrari’s driver. He met his wife, Marlene, when he need a ride to the nearest train station after his friend ‘uninvited’ him to a party. He told Marlene that her car has some engine problem. He knows just by sitting inside the car when Marlene is driving. His wedding was the opposite from Hunt’s. Just a civil registration and a honeymoon. But then he realize that every step that he has to make, it always include his wife from that moment. He knew that racing is a near-death sport and he could die at any time during the race.

Niki Lauda and James Hunt were rivals. They were all the reasons the Formula 1 was famous during those early years. People wants to see them race! They always came as first and second. Despite of their rivalry, they respect each other. Their ambition and dreams were to beat one another.

In 1976 formula 1 in Germany, the weather was bad. It was raining and Niki asked all the drivers and the committee to gather around and asked them to cancel the race. It was too risky. The road was slippery and the lap was known as the most dangerous lap of all formula 1 racing. But Hunt, who was eagerly to win, challenged everyone in the room to continue the race despite of the weather. They both start the race with rain tires, although they will lose speed in the area that dries up. They both also goes back to pit after second lap to change tires. When Hunt left the pit first, Lauda asks his mechanics to work faster. He doesn’t want to lose from him. After leaving the pit, just half through of the third lap, Lauda’s suspension break and make his car slamming the wall, spinning and burned. The drivers behind him, crashing their cars into him, but not injured. They were all then running out to help Lauda who was stuck in his car. After a second attempt of opening his seat belt, Lauda was out from his car. Lauda suffered a third degree burns on his head and face and internal burns on his lungs because he inhale toxic gases. His wife was so scared and was with him all the way. During his treatment in the hospital, he always watch the formula 1 race and watch Hunt wins in every race that he missed. That drive him to go back to race. Even though he knew that his wife will disagree, but she also knew his passion or rather his ambition.

After only 6 weeks, Lauda returns to race. Everyone surprised on how he looks. Hunt welcome him but also stunned when he saw how Lauda’s face has change due the accident. He apologize to Lauda because of the accident. He felt that he was responsible, that most of the racers on the room agree to race that day. At the press conference, one reporter asks Lauda about his wife reaction when she saw his face. Lauda’s got angry and left the press conference. Hunt was there also. He called the reporter that ask the question and beat him up in the bathroom. Ha! not bad for a playboy huh? Defending his rival. Although Lauda finish forth on that race, everyone celebrate as if he just win it. Everyone cheer for him because of his courage to come back to the race despite the accident, while Hunt has problem with his car and can’t complete the race.

The 1976 race come to the top of the race on the Grand Prix at Japan. It was raining. Again. Lauda knew the look on his wife’s face but his wife didn’t say anything. This time, it was Hunt’s turn saying that the race should be cancel. But it was already settle that the race still go on. Hunt and Lauda start the race. But just after 2 lap, Lauda came back to the pit and stay with Marlene. He don’t want to risk his life again. When Hunt came back to the pit to change tires. Hunt’s team warn him to be careful and that they want him back in one piece. This is the time that Hunt can beat Lauda’s score and be the world champion. They know Hunt is eager to claim himself as the world champion and they don’t want the accident that happened to Lauda, happen to him. The cars are 450 horsepower. With the rain pouring and the spray from other car in front of you, it’s hard to see the lap clearly. Hunt just need to be in third place to be call as the world champion. And he did. After that, Hunt take his year to partying, drugs and girls. Hunt accidentally met Lauda on a private airfield. Lauda remind Hunt to focus and prepare for the next race while he has more interest in flying private planes. But then, he remember that Hunt no longer has anything to prove. They both are world champion of Formula 1.

For Hunt, he just need 1 world champion. He just need to prove himself once.

In real life, Hunt died at the age of 45 due to heart attack while Lauda is still actively involve in Formula 1 industry. Just last night, I saw my dad was still up until late and the Formula 1 was on the TV. When i walk across the room, the camera just show Niki Lauda. And i screamed, ‘Niki Lauda!!’

In life, we all have talents and God put passions inside of us, things that we love to do. But is it motivations and passions are enough? Like Niki, do we know our ‘ways’ around the things that we do. Can we solve the problem like Niki did? Or we just like Hunt. We just want to be the number one. We don’t have to solve problems or do the dirty work. We just have the motivation. I have to admit that Hunt has the more balance lifestyle. He work hard yet he had fun. Although it’s not a positive one, but he had fun. Where as Lauda, is all about work.. work.. work.

I’m in awe with Niki Lauda in his professional work. Yes, he’s arrogant, he swears a lot and he bought himself in, but that’s because he knows that he’s good at it. Beside that, he got the motivation, he know what to do when problems arise, he’s a hard worker and has courage to get up and try again when he failed. Yes, they both cheat deaths a lot than we do, but which one do you want to be? Hunt or Lauda?

What time is it?

IMG_20140417_135812I can’t help to write about this subject as I always feel that time passing by so quickly (or I just wasting it?).

Lately, I feel that there are more things that I want to do but can’t find the time to do it or i just exhausted when i’m about to start. I think when i’m in the car or somewhere else beside in front of my computer, but when i’m actually in front of it, I will do something else or ended up browsing. As a graphic designer, every project that i make takes time. Sometimes, i will just leave it for a while and come back the next day or days after that. Just to see what can i change or should i just leave it right there. Having a full time job, a freelance and a new project coming up, it’s hard to even breathe sometimes. Beside projects, i have emails and articles to read and sometimes browsing to just find some inspiration. But other than that, I want to watch tv channels or movies too.

When the song called ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams booming (and yes, i keep singing to that tune form time to time), I look up to him on youtube. Found a video of Oprah interviewing him where he was crying because his song became a world wide sensation. Literally, EVERYONE is singing his song  EVERY WHERE. One video lead to another interview and another interview and another. Bottom Line, I look up to him as my new role model. Someone to look up to in terms of creative person. I’m thinking he really adopt the quote by Steve Jobs, “Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish”. Although he is a celebrity, singer, producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and many more of his title, he is a learner. He admit that he is a student every day. And being those title, i keep thinking, “Okay Mister, how can you manage your time so well with your work plus your family and all.” It’s not only me who questioned that. In one interview, he said that he don’t have social life. Come to think of it, it’s true. Have you ever seen him in a tabloid partying? (other than Oscar or Grammy awards). So his time is only for work and his family. Work for him is not really work either because he love what he do.

taken from http://meetville.com/quotes/author/pharrell-williams/page3
taken from http://meetville.com/quotes/author/pharrell-williams/page3

I know i can’t read everything. I have subscribe a lot of readings to keep up, in case i don’t check the website. But even skimming it through didn’t work sometimes. So, i’m so happy for who ever invented a podcast. With it, i can listen while i’m working. That’s another thing that can save me ‘reading’ while i’m working. You can do multi-tasking but sometimes you just can’t.

I’m a nocturnal person according to my friend but lately, i don’t have the energy to do my freelance after i come home from office. So, I come up with a plan. I will learn to sleep early so that i can wake up early, so that i can do more work. After i got up, i want to do a bit of exercise, so i thought youtube video must have a lot of exercise video right? I will just follow that. 3 days i’m doing that, it is not even close to my plan hahaha.. But, I’m trying. So, let’s eat right. work right and sleep right.

We’re The Millers

taken from http://www.movieguide.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/We-re-the-Millers-Movie-Poster-were-the-millers-34836117-625-925.jpg
taken from http://www.movieguide.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/We-re-the-Millers-Movie-Poster-were-the-millers-34836117-625-925.jpg

It’s another rom-com.

Starring Jennifer Aniston.

Hm.. Jason Sudeikis?

*Sigh* Emma Roberts.

And I don’t know this new guy.

That’s what I thought when I first saw this movie came out last year. It’s like the movie “The Joneses”. Another fake family. Last two nights, I just give it a go. I thought, if it’s not making me laugh, then i just turn it off and sleep. Turn out, it’s F-U-N-N-Y!! It’s not a HAHA dry funny. Well, it’s a silly funny.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), is a low level drug dealer. One night he accidentally meet his high school friend who is married and have 2 kids. The high school friend told David that he’s lucky by being single and not having kids. He don’t have to report to anyone, nobody is looking for him if he’s gone by tomorrow. The words stuck in David’s mind for a while, but compare to his friend, he is a free man. no burden. After a chat, David give him a box of weed for him, “for old time sake.”

Rose ( Jennifer Aniston), is David’s neighbor. She works as a stripper. She has trouble with money and late to pay her rent.

Casey (Emma Roberts), is a runaway 21 years old girl who crashes in her friend’s sofa night after night.

Kenny (Will Poulter), is an 18 year old kid who also live in the same building as David.

One Night, Casey is being bully with 3 guys across David’s apartment building. They are trying to steal Casey’s iphone. Kenny, trying to be a gentleman, trying to save her. David didn’t have the heart to let Kenny deal with the guys alone and he know Kenny wouldn’t survive in a fight. David is trying to help Casey but instead the guys ask for his bag which is full of weed and cash. After being robbed, David go and meet his boss Brad Gurdlinger to tell him that he can’t pay his debts. Brad said that his debts would be clear and in fact he will pay David $100,000 if he can smuggle marijuana from Mexico to US. David agrees and has to come up with a plan. One man action will cause suspicion in the border. He needs a diversion. He know he got Kenny in this plan, a teenage kid who is ready for an action while his mother is gone. He then ask Rose to be his ‘wife’ in his action because he know that Rose needs money and then he and Kenny ask Casey to join in to be David’s daughter and Kenny’s sister. Rose reluctant to the idea, but then she quit her job, so she don’t have the choice to play along. Here they are, David, Rose, Casey and Kenny Miller. The mission is just to pick up a marijuana for Pablo Chacon with an RV and then go back to US. They got to Mexico with no problem, go to the compound and pick up the marijuana with no problem. The problem is that whole RV are full with marijuana, in the cupboard, on the fridge, every where and how can they pass the US border with 2 tons of marijuana. On the border, The Millers meet the Fitzgeralds. The Fitzgeralds compliment The Miller’s RV and so the conversation continue. When the hose of the RV’s break, they meet again with The Fitzgeralds who tow their RV and bring them to the nearest repair shop.

Turn out that Brad steal the marijuana from the real Pablo Cachon. The next day, when The Millers ready to pick up the RV, Pablo and his man come up and ready to execute the ‘family’. David told Pablo that they are not a real family. He told him what they actually are and Pablo didn’t believe that Rose is a stripper. She got a chance to prove it and then when she got close to Pablo, turns a steam vent which is beside him. They all scram to the RV with Kenny’s erratic driving skills. He hit Pablo’s car and without knowing it, a tarantula slip into his pants, crawling to his leg and bite him. Because he got severe allergy to the bite, Rose and Casey insisted to take Kenny to the hospital. They waited for him there while David try to re-negotiate with Brad. Brad agree to raise the money to $500,000 if the David can deliver the package by tonight. David know he don’t have enough time if they are not hurry. After the doctor said that Kenny is OK to go, David pushed Kenny in the wheelchair and tips him over and accidentally reveal how much he’s getting paid. Rose, Kenny and Casey are angry at David and disgust by the revelation. They just don’t want to continue the ‘adventure’ anymore. So David drive alone to deliver the package and left them to the carnival. Once he got to the RV, he realize the silence compare to when Rose, Kenny and Casey were there. Even when their victory song got played, he just turn it off and he make sure that he’s ok with it.

David, regrets abandoning Rose, Casey and Kenny. So he drive back to the carnival to pick up them up and begging them to his knees to come back with him. On their way back, they meet the Fitzgerald again. Pablo Chacon’s man found them and about to shoot everyone, including Edie and Melissa but Don comes out from the RV and tackle him. Pablo Chacon comes around and about to shoot them all, but got distracted with the 4th of July fireworks. The Millers take the opportunity to disarm him. Don, arrests Pablo and his man and he tell the Millers that he will arrest them too but give them the opportunity to leave. David was late to deliver the package and Brad said that the deal is off. DEA crash the room and arrest Brad and take every marijuana in there. The agent in charge is Don who thank David for his cooperation on arresting Brad. He said that until the trial, David will have to be in the witness protection program along with everyone who were the witness of the crime. That means, David can be together with Rose, Casey and Kenny again. The DEA put them in one house together with a beautiful garden, a garden that David grow weed with. Nevertheless, they are one ‘happy family’ once again.

Sometimes, like David, we don’t know what we need for or that we don’t like change. But when we are in a situation that we don’t have a choice, then we realize that ‘hey, this is ok. I’m ok with this changes.’ Sometimes i wish we can do some trial or there’s a ctrl+z somewhere in life. Too bad, we don’t have that luxury.